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Screen Printing Popular TV Show Shirt Ideas

Saying you’re obsessed with television is an understatement. You’re a TV super-nerd. You want a statue erected in your honor, because your devotion to your favorite shows is completely unmatched. You’re so serious about it, you wish you had a custom t-shirt for every show that you watch. A shirt for every day of the month! But you don’t have time to design that many t-shirts. You have too much TV to watch! Besides, how could you afford to make them all?


Rival Screen Printing has the best prices, highest quality screen printing, and the fastest turnaround times in all of Chicago, and we have no minimum orders so you can start printing those custom ideas one by one. We’ve also taken the liberty of putting together our own list of TV t-shirt ideas, so you don’t have to miss out on live shows or overload your DVR.

  • Glee Tee: “My other tracksuit is a tracksuit.”
  • Sherlock Tee: Front: “I don’t understand.” Back: “I still don’t understand.”
  • The Walking Dead Tee: “Keep calm and kill walkers.”
  • Roseanne Tee: A chicken shirt. You know you need one.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tee: “Buffy is my co-pilot.”
  • Lost Tee: Front: “Live Together…” Back: “…Die Alone.”
  • The Comeback Tee: “I don’t need to SEE THAT!”
  • Kids in the Hall Tee: “I WANT MY SAUSAGES!”
  • Seinfeld Tee: “My other outfit is a puffy shirt.”
  • Breaking Bad Tee: “Jingle Bells, Walter smells, Skyler laid an egg… Meth-mobile lost a wheel but Jesse got away…”
  • The Office Tee: “That’s what she said…”
  • Downton Abbey Tee: “Mrs. Patmore is my home girl.”

The possibilities are endless. The only question is, which one do you print first?

Fitness T-Shirts - Custom Gym Apparel - Yoga Athletic Wear

If you’re looking to customize your gym apparel, yoga athletic wear, or fitness t-shirts, you’ve come to the right place. Rival Screen Printing is the best print shop in Chicago, offering no minimum orders, quick turnaround times, low prices, and high-quality silkscreen printing.

We have the widest variety of apparel you’ll find anywhere else. Our selection of fitness clothing includes compression tees, tanks, moisture-wicking fabrics, performance wear and much more. Customizing fitness apparel has never been as easy as it is with Rival Screen Printing.

Whether you’re looking to outfit one yoga instructor or an entire gym staff, we can help. We can rush order up to 500 shirts for same-day printing, or just print one and deliver it to your door within three business days.

Designing t-shirts is no sweat! Upload your logo on our website and get a free quote ASAP. Custom gym apparel is just a phone call away. Contact Rival Screen Printing today and start designing your new personalized performance wear.

Bar & Restaurant Custom Apparel - Pub & Bar Crawl T-Shirts

Looking for the best place to print custom bar and restaurant apparel in Chicago? Look no further! Rival Screen Printing has the lowest prices, quickest turnaround times, and the highest quality prints in the Chicago metro area.

Need pub-crawl or bar-crawl t-shirts made quick? Rival Screen Printing can rush order up to 500 t-shirts for same-day printing. We have no minimum orders and can deliver to your doorstep within three business days. Our print quality is so high, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. You don’t like it, we redo it.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Rival Screen Printing has it all: hoodies, tanks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, crewnecks, v-cut, spaghetti straps, pullovers- anything you can think of. Choose from every imaginable color to brand your bar or restaurant logo onto the apparel style of your choice.

If your bar logo needs a spruce-up, we have an amazing team of artists to help freshen up your original design. Stop searching for the perfect print shop, because you’ve already found it! Contact Rival Screen Printing today and see how easy custom t-shirts can be.

Screen Printing Specials!

50 T-Shirts for $300 - Purchase any combo of Gildan 5000 t-shirts, any color colors and sizes from Small to X-Large. 1-2 Color Prints front or back, 50 cents for each extra color. +$2 for American Apparel Brands.


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