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Chicago Summer Festival & Events

Summer is approaching in Chicago, and you know what that means??! Celebrations, street festivals, concerts, Lollapalooza, and Taste of Chicago! This is going to be the best part of your year, man! You can’t wait! Imagine how much fun will be had! But wait- what are you going to WEAR??

The possibilities are endless, because Rival Screen Printing can make you a custom-designed t-shirt or tank in any style! Can you picture it? You walk in to Taste of Chicago 2014 wearing the coolest shirt anyone has ever seen in their entire lives. People drop their food and come running toward you to ask, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?!”

“Rival Screen Printing,” you answer, nonchalantly. “It’s the only choice for custom apparel in Chicago. You should see the one I had made for Pitchfork Music Festival 2014. It’s even better than this one.”

Everyone marvels at your oozing awesomeness, and suddenly you have a new entourage of besties. If only you had known about Rival Screen Printing sooner, you could have conquered the world years ago. Oh well, there’s no time like the present! Let’s party!

Mobile Marketing for Chicago Self-Publishers

You’ve toiled over your manuscript for months, maybe even years, and decided to self-publish. Awesome! You’ve sold a few e-books, but it can be difficult to spread the word quickly- and affordably. So what do you do? Shamelessly self-promote, that’s what! Mobile marketing for your story can follow you everywhere you go for a very small, one-time fee. All you have to do is make a t-shirt.

Consider this scenario:
You’re sitting at a coffee shop and a girl walks by in a v-neck, black tee that says “WHO IS KATNISS EVERDEEN?” in bold, white letters. Now imagine that nobody knows the answer to this question. What is everyone thinking? They’re thinking, “Huh…Who is Katniss Everdeen, I wonder. I MUST KNOW. I’m going to Google it right now.”

Bam! Inception, baby. Now everyone is going to find out who Katniss is and they will link straight to the book. This could be you, and Rival Screen Printing can help. All you have to do is think up something vague and irresistible regarding your characters and we’ll slap it on a t-shirt and have it shipped to you within three business days. Now you have the gift that keeps on giving: daily mobile marketing. We suggest you get seven- each in a different color! Imagine what would happen if the same people you see on the train every day notice that you always wear a different version of the same shirt. How could they resist the chance to find out why? Contact Chicago’s best print shop and we will make it happen!

Let Us Help You Become a Hipster With a Tee

  1. Move to Wicker Park
  2. Get some really big, thick-rimmed, black glasses
  3. Wear skinny jeans
  4. Always wear a plaid scarf and Vans
  5. Act really quirky
  6. Use public transit, walk, or ride a bike to work
  7. Get a very messy-casual haircut
  8. Hang out at hipster bars
  9. Get a unique tattoo or pierce something
  10. Wear only mustache t-shirts or very ironic t-shirts

So, where are you going to find that many t-shirts? Rival Screen Printing! We can make anything you want and we can make it fast, so you can start your new hipster lifestyle ASAP. Listen, if you’re really going to commit to hipsterdom you’d better do it right. Let us help; we know what we’re doing.

Screen Printing Specials!

50 T-Shirts for $300 - Purchase any combo of Gildan 5000 t-shirts, any color colors and sizes from Small to X-Large. 1-2 Color Prints front or back, 50 cents for each extra color. +$2 for American Apparel Brands.


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