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Drama Class T-Shirts & Production Apparel

Like to wear your heart on your sleeve out on the stage? Let us take care of covering the rest of your torso with custom printed shirts to celebrate your performance. Printing your play's logo/design onto a t-shirt is a great way to remember your own personal time in the spotlight, and to recognize the hard work of everybody else associated with the production. Just as there are no small parts, there is also no order size too small for us to accommodate you as we have no minimum order restrictions, so contact Rival today to discuss your design options.

Less Common Things To Print On

T-shirts are by far the most popular item we screen print here at Rival, but that really only scratches the surface as far as our capabilities. Below are a few less common ideas to get your design out in the public eye.

  1. Movie posters: Looking for a cost effective way to get the word out on your indie or student film, or to advertise your upcoming film festival? We can screen print posters to help you bring in the crowds without breaking the bank.
  2. Banners: Perfect for advertising, or just to fly the insignia of your club or group.
  3. Rugs: Screen printed rugs bring a literal meaning to advertising “from the ground up”.
  4. Wedding announcements: A unique way to make your save-the-date look great.
  5. Blankets: Snuggle up with your favorite team logo or design.

What T-Shirts & Apparel To Wear For Fall

Summer is quickly coming to an end, making this the perfect time to get a head start on ideas for a custom designed, Rival printed sweatshirt. Need something to get the creative juices flowing? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Halloween: Pumpkins, ghouls, and black cats all look great on sweatshirts and are perfect to get you into the holiday spirit. Think you'll only wear a Halloween-themed design one day a year? Think again! An out of season design could be just the thing your wardrobe needs to spice things up, and also lets people know that you're a loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules.

Football: Both college and NFL football are already underway, but it's never too late to support your team via a custom printed sweater (which you're sure to need as the temperature drops). Whether you'll actually be at the game or just taking it in from the comfort of your own home, too much team apparel is never enough.

Leaves: This Fall, let the leaves fall out of the trees and onto your fall-themed sweater. Perfect for nature lovers, tree enthusiasts, and those who just need a quick reminder what season it is.

Vegetables: If you're like me, when you think Fall, you think of bountiful harvests of corn, pumpkins, and squash. They already look great on your table and in your pantry, so why not let your clothing also reap the season's largess.

Turkeys: Bring out your inner Ben Franklin by letting Fall's most famous bird take roost on your new favorite sweater. A tom on your chest is great for family gatherings, particularly as a conversation starter. I know very few grandparents who wouldn't want to know the reason behind their grandchild flaunting a fowl.

Screen Printing Specials!

50 T-Shirts for $300 - Purchase any combo of Gildan 5000 t-shirts, any color colors and sizes from Small to X-Large. 1-2 Color Prints front or back, 50 cents for each extra color. +$2 for American Apparel Brands.


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