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T-Shirts For St. Patrick’s Day

Everybody knows that Chi-town is the place to be for St. Patty’s. Unfortunately, when people are looking for things to do in Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day, they unintentionally get caught in a tourist trap of horror. Sure, it’s cool that the river gets dyed green for a few hours and there’s a big parade downtown… if you like being a sissy! Don’t worry, most people make this mistake. That’s because they have no idea that the best parade, the most authentic parade, the REAL parade is on the south side.

The South Side Irish Parade is a real treat, and its rich and gimmick-less heritage pulses down Western street right in front of your eyes. No, they won’t allow alcohol along the parade route, but the green beer is flowing all over the city, leaving plenty of opportunity to get your drink on. Just pop into one of the numerous pubs you’ll find along the way. The charm of the south side is that the majority of native Irish immigrants settled there and never left. Not only do they know how to have a good time, but they know how to give a good parade.

So this year, if you find yourself in Chicago, avoid the entrapment of the Navy Pier crowd and fancy, meaningless displays, and come down to the south side where the Irish live. While you’re at it, give Rival Screen Printing a call and get a one-of-a-kind t-shirt made for the occasion. Show the Irish you know what’s up with a custom-made tee. And don’t forget to add the green.

Our T-shirt suggestion: “Kiss me, I’m from the South Side.”

Custom Designed Fanfiction Apparel

Raise your hand if one of these is you:

  • You’ve watched every episode of Sherlock three times and each time they say a line and then joke that it should be on a t-shirt you immediately want to go make yourself a new t-shirt.
  • You’re obsessed with Harry Potter, and you have the utmost respect for J.K Rowling, but you’re pretty sure she got it wrong. Ron and Hermione do NOT belong together. Harry and Hermione are much better suited for each other, and you’re determined to prove it.
  • You thought The Hunger Games was cool and all, but the most epic battle would have been Gale vs. Peta- to the death.
  • Bella and Edward? Are you kidding me? Bella sucks. I’m for Team Edward +Jacob= <3.
  • Walter Bishop is the best character in the history of ever and I must make a t-shirt to commemorate his awesomeness.

If any of those sound like you, then you’re probably like us: you want fanfiction t-shirts and you want them now. Unfortunately, most print shops have a minimum order and you can’t find twenty friends that love Fringe as much as you do. Never fear! Rival Screen Printing is not only the best print shop in Chicago, but we have no minimum orders! If you’re looking to print just one lonely custom Glee tee or one hundred personalized hoodies for your Empty Hearse club, Rival Screen Printing can make them fast and make them cheap. We also have the best quality screen printed clothing and our design team is waiting to help you create your wearable fanfiction vision! Browse our website, upload your logo, or call Rival today to see how cheap and easy it is to finally get Harry and Hermione to hook-up so all can be right with the world.

How to Make the Best School Club Apparel

Every school organization needs the perfect t-shirt. Whether you sing in the choir or consider yourself the world’s best mathlete, showing pride for your high school, middle school, or elementary school club doesn’t have to be a fashion nightmare. Here are some tips to get yourself on the best-dressed list.

Step 1: Call the most perfect, friendly, fast, and affordable print shop in Chicago: Rival Screen Printing.

Step 2: Browse the Rival Screen Printing website to find our enormous selection of apparel. We’ve got everything from fitted tees to baggy sweatshirts. Choosing the perfect style is super important when it comes to your custom clothing. Does your group require a vintage, relaxed fit or a sleek and trendy look? You decide, and Rival Screen Printing will make it happen.

Step 3: Select the perfect color. This can be tricky, because not everyone looks good in neon orange. Sometimes sticking to your school colors is best, and sometimes stepping outside the norm is exactly what you need to get noticed. Whatever you choose, Rival Screen Printing has the color you’re looking for.

Step 4: Create a bangin’ design. T-shirt design is an art, no question about it, but maybe art isn’t really your thing. If so, there are several ways to approach the design process.

  1. Have a contest. Some people have more artistic talent than they are aware of. Give everyone in your group the chance to submit a t-shirt design and see how many awesome ideas you can come up with. Vote on the winner or even pick two or three for a test print. Rival Screen Printing has no minimum orders, so printing only one t-shirt is no problem.
  2. Hit up the art department. You’re in school, right? Well then you probably have an art teacher! Artists love new projects. Ask your teacher if they would be interested in designing something for you or if they have any talented students who would be up for the challenge.
  3. Call Rival Screen Printing for a free consultation. We have a team of in-house artists that are fabulous designers and are eager to help you with the creative process. Your ideas can be more than you’d ever hoped and you don’t have to lift a finger- just call the professionals at Rival Screen Printing!

Step 5: Order enough for everyone. We’re confident that your new custom shirts are going to be a hit, so we want to make sure to remind you that your friends will want one too! Choose from basic t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, gym clothes, jackets, and more!

With Rival Screen Printing in your corner, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to roam the hallways in an awkward and dingy drama club tee. Design a colorful v-neck or a trend-setting hoodie and have everyone in the lunchroom asking, “Where did you get that SHIRT??!”

Screen Printing Specials!

50 T-Shirts for $300 - Purchase any combo of Gildan 5000 t-shirts, any color colors and sizes from Small to X-Large. 1-2 Color Prints front or back, 50 cents for each extra color. +$2 for American Apparel Brands.


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