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Different Shirt Materials To Screen Print On

When choosing a t-shirt, most people focus on two things: aesthetic elements (colors, design, etc.), and wearability/how it feels when you have it on. Secondary, if thought of at all, is what your t-shirt is made out of. Sure, there are those of us who want use recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint, or those who may need to restrict what materials they have on their skin for allergy purposes (I'm not saying it's a large demographic, but it certainly must exist), but do most of us really pay attention to what our shirts can be made out of unless Michael Jordan is explicitly laying it out for us on a Hanes commercial? With that in mind, allow me to educate you on a few of the different materials your shirts can be comprised of.

  1. Cotton – This is by far the most popular fabric, and more than likely the one the large majority of shirts you own are made out of. It's been around almost as long as civilization itself, and its usefulness does not end at clothing production. Textiles, fishing nets, coffee filters, tents, paper, and even fire hoses are now or have at one time been made using cotton or cotton byproducts.
  2. Rayon – Rayon is a man-made fiber comprised of trees, cotton, and woody plants. This fabric is smooth, but is also prone to wrinkling. Rayon is also used in carpet, surgical dressings, and tire cords.
  3. Polyester – Polyester is another man-made fabric that has a wide array of uses in everything from computer mouse mats to LCD screens (and yes, t-shirts). Garments made from this material offer increased wrinkle resistance and durability as compared to natural fabrics, but are not as breathable.
  4. Linen – Linen is a fabric made from the flax plant, whose seeds and oils you have probably seen in your local health food store. One cool thing about shirts made from linen is that they will actually get softer every time you wash them. Be sure to fold them right out of the dryer though, because linen is very prone to wrinkling.
  5. Pima – Okay, so pima is actually cotton. That said, it is cotton of the utmost quality with extra long fibers. Pima is known for its resistance to fading and stretching, as well as getting softer with wear.

The Hidden Meaning Behind Shirt Colors

Whether you're heading out to a movie or going to play basketball with the local at-risk youths, a standard solid color t-shirt will always look great. Most of us probably don't give a lot of thought to what color shirt we prefer other than from an aesthetic standpoint, but have you ever wondered if there was a subconscious element at play in the decision making process as well? Let's examine what certain colors may (or may not) say about the people who sport them.

Red: Red is an intense color which usually signifies passion and/or aggression. You've probably noticed many sports teams incorporate red into their uniforms or logo, and that is no accident.

The color red also has an erotic element. Who among us doesn't look twice at a woman in a red dress or a fellow in a striking red button down? Dressing a character in red in novels, TV, and film is a sure fire way to let your audience know that they are something to be desired.

Blue: Blue immediately brings to mind tranquility, peace, and relaxation. This color is often used in travel/vacation ads, as well as in office settings. In fact, the color blue is linked to increased production in work environments and is recommended as a color to wear to job interviews because of its associations with loyalty. Not only that, but some studies have concluded that weightlifters are actually able to perform better in blue rooms.

Yellow: Aside from its shortfalls in being seen against white backgrounds (in such places as this very article), yellow often brings about thoughts of happiness and energy. Think about the sun, the penultimate energy source for planet Earth, which though technically white, is often depicted as yellow by artists. Stress balls are often yellow as well. Say what you will about their efficacy, but if you're going to try and manipulate somebody's brain into thinking they can do something about their stress levels by squeezing a ball, you may as well have color on your side as well.

Orange: As most of us learned in primary school, orange is a combination of red and yellow. Much like that old chestnut, orange combines the energy of red with the happy associations of yellow. Orange has also been shown to stimulate mental activity and increase oxygen supply to the brain.

Green: No doubt you've heard the phrase “going green” used by environmental movements for some time, and for good reason. Green is the color most associated with nature and fertility. It is also the easiest for your eye to see and can actually improve your vision. Conversely, the phrase “green with envy” has long been part of the lexicon to indicate jealousy

Purple: The color purple is used to connote luxury and wealth. The film “The Color Purple” has a scene where Oprah Winfrey pees. I'll let you decide which association you'd like to assign to purple.

Keep an eye out for these colors next time you're out and about and see if they match the type of people who wear them, or use this guide to plan your next outfit based on what image you wish to project.

Making E-Commerce A Vital Boost Your T-Shirt Business

One cannot argue with the fact that whether one prefers shopping for apparel online or not, it is certainly something that has gained significant popularity in the recent years. Like anything, there are distinct positives and negatives to shopping online. I will go over a few things to consider when shopping online. Hopefully this will help you in deciding what option works best for you.

The positives of shopping online:

  • You can shop while still maintaining the level of comfort that your home has to offer.
  • There are special deals available online that are not offered in the physical stores.
  • More options are generally advertised on the websites as a store can only hold so much.
  • A busy person can save the time it takes to go to a store.

The negatives of shopping online:

  • The ability to try clothes on is not there.
  • Designs might not appear as nice in person as they did in the photo.
  • Cannot feel the fabric before ordering.

The great thing about online shopping is that it is available for people that prefer it. If a person would rather go to the store themselves then that option is open as well. There are wonderful advantages to both options.

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