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Screen Printing Embroidery Chicago Illinois

The average screen printing company in Chicago won’t even consider printing less than 25 shirts for an order. One of the great things about Rival Screen Printing that separates us from the competition is that we have no minimums for t-shirt orders.

At Rival Screen Printing Chicago, we always have the customer in mind. Our crew understands that hundreds of shirts are not always necessary. For the individual that enjoys t-shirt design as a hobby or just wants a few shirts made for friends and family, we are here to help. Other companies may not want your order, but your needs are important to us; no matter how small the order.

Working with large quantity orders is also our specialty. From charity organizations, basketball camps, and construction companies to school organizations and restaurants, we are well equipped to meet your needs.

No Limits Online T-Shirt Screen Printing

At Rival Screen Printing Chicago there are no limits as to what we can print. Whether you’ve drawn a design, sent us a photo, or just need some beautiful text, we can create it for you. If you aren’t sure how to communicate what you’re looking for, we can set up a consultation with one of our artists to help bring your ideas to life.

Brilliant T-Shirt Colors

Once you have your design in place, we’ll help you to choose the perfect t-shirt color. While black and white are our most popular options, we have a wide range of vibrant colors to complement your design. If you can dream it, we can print it on any color!

No Limits As To What We Can Print

One of the great things about Rival Screen Printing, and something that separates us from the competition is that we have never had a set minimum on the number of shirts you can order and we never will. The average screen printing company in Chicago will not even consider working with people who are looking to have any less than 25 shirts made.

The crew at Rival Screen Printing knows full well that hundreds of screen printed shirts are not always necessary. People sometimes just want to have a few shirts made that they can distribute among friends of and family. For the individual that enjoys designing t-shirts as a hobby and just wants a few for personal use, we are well suited for you as well. 4 or 5 shirts may be all you need, but other companies would not be willing to handle such an order.

Screen Printing Chicago Illinois

Working with large quantity order is also something that we have experience with. We have done shirts in the past for charity organizations, basketball camps, and construction companies. Thanks to our experience with these and other organizations, we have developed our large quantity screen printing. 

By having our office in Chicago Illinois we are able to cater to your every needs for screen printing t-shirts. So whatever you need from screen printing, custom design, or whatever you can throw our way in Chicago Illinois

T-Shirt Colors Make All The Difference

Have you dreamed of putting your graphic design skills to the test and starting your own t-shirt line? There are a couple factors to consider in this activity. The first is what designs you are going to use for your shirts. Once you have done this, you must consider what color shirts will work best with your design.

Black is normally the most favorable option. This is because despite the artwork that one settles on, a black background is almost always going to compliment it. Artists often use black as a background because of its ability to cause the other colors on it to jump out the most. If black is not really preferred then white is a pretty good choice as well. Popular options for those interest in adding color are blue and red as well!

Here’s the thing: there’s lots of print shops out there. There are also a lot of ways to make a custom t-shirt. But I have to say, if you make the wrong choice, the longevity and quality of your shirt is at stake. I’ve been thinking back to some shirts I’ve needed in the past, and, in retrospect, I really wish I would have known about Rival Screen Printing at the time. I’ll give you a couple examples.

  1. Roseanne. In my opinion, probably the best sitcom of all time. At least in the top five. My best friend agrees. In fact, she’s more obsessed than I am. Due to her obsession I decided to make her a chicken shirt. If you’ve seen the show, you know exactly what the chicken shirt is. Nearly every cast member wears a version of it at some point throughout the run of the show. There’s even an apron with the same design. But you can’t just go out and buy one, so I decided to make one myself. I’m generally pretty crafty, so I got me some iron-on transfer paper and got to work. The shirt looked great, she loved it, and she wore it as Darlene Conner for Halloween. The end. Because after one wash, it looked like crap. I was trying to save money by making it myself, and I ended up wasting a lot of time on a shirt that lasted for one wear. Rival Screen Printing would have saved me money AND provided me with a shirt that would still be wearable today.
  2. Step Brothers. A horribly stupid movie in most people’s opinion I’m sure, but another of my favorites. Once again, my best friend agrees. So when she had her bachelorette party, I decided to make Prestige Worldwide shirts for everyone. Since I didn’t learn from my previous mistake, I used iron-on transfers again. The shirts looked pretty cool, I have to say. A few days later, my husband did laundry and put my shirt in the dryer. All that work and it took only a few minutes to ruin it completely. Yet another time when Rival Screen Printing would have come in very handy.

The next time I come up with some awesome, must-have, can’t-find-anywhere-else-without-going-broke t-shirt idea, I know exactly what to do. There are plenty of print shops in the Chicago area, but I happen to know that Rival Screen Printing has the best prices, the best apparel selection, and the highest quality in town. If only I had a time machine… hey, maybe I’ll build one myself! (I never learn).